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Support Community Families & Local Restaurants!

Since launching our fundraiser on March 27, Play Marin has been delivering 600 meals per weekend, purchased from local restaurants, to families in need in Marin City.   Between this campaign, private foundations, and donor-advised funds, we have raised over $100,000, enough to deliver these 600 meals every weekend through June 21.  We now hope to expand to 900 meals to allow us to extend our efforts to help families in the San Rafael Canal area.  Thank you again for your support, we could not do this without you! 

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The Vision

It’s important that children spread amongst the many small towns in Marin have the opportunity to learn about others, not by competing with them, but instead through the lens of playing with them.

Paul Austin, Founder & CEO

We are PLAY and we envision Marin as an integrated and unified community where both individuals and families live, work and most importantly, play together. We believe that play is an integral component of forming lasting friendships, developing critical skills and teaching valuable life lessons. This play can take shape in various forms from participation in organized sports to a simple play date.

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The Mission

PLAY recognizes the need for stronger diversity and inclusion in Marin County. We believe that the unique experiences of different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds serves to enhance our larger community. We intentionally give kids of diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to learn, grow and play together. Being able to understand and appreciate others who are different from you is vital to the advancement of our society. We see play as a vehicle to this end. 

We aim to counter the negative narrative that exist about certain communities within Marin (namely Marin City and the Canal). Highlighting the talent, compassion and kindness that exist in those communities, affords other Marin communities an opportunity to experience how amazing these communities are. We will achieve this by engaging families from the larger Marin area with families from these communities. United through play, Marin will move past tolerance and become a more inclusive place to live.

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Play Marin is a great organization and Paul Austin has amazing vision (and action) for relationship building, character development, and social justice through play and community collaboration. I’ve already donated and will be encouraging others to donate as well!


I just discovered this by clicking on the Marin Businesses link on Instagram. I had no idea Play Marin existed. And I’m delighted that I stumbled here and watches the video. What an incredible thing you’re doing for the kids in Marin City and the canal.

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