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Black Lives Matter! Peaceful protest in Novato this Saturday July 11th! Bring your masks!
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There will be a peaceful protest organized by the concerned youth of Novato this Saturday, meeting at Slade Park in Novato. Bring your masks and a peaceful mentality. Expect to hear some positive words from local community leaders. This is being organized by Lonzo and the youth of Novato with support from PlayMarin and SalonB, give them all a follow 👍

What this protest is about:

  • Ending Systemic Racism
  • Ending Police Brutality
  • Ending White Supremacy
  • Demanding Justice

Feel free to save and share the below flyer on your social media, and If you have any questions or concerns please ask in the below remarks section.

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Come out and support the movement.


This is awesome! I wish I could make it, I can’t but I have many friends in Novato I’ll be sharing this with. Let’s hope none of them are secret trump supporters, I can’t lose anymore friends haha 🤣

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Black Lives Matter! Peaceful protest in Novato this Saturday July 11th! Bring your masks!
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