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Business Details
Location 31 Sunnyside Ave Mill Valley, CA 94941
Business Contact Info (415) 577-9357
Opens 12:00 am
Closes 12:00 am
Daily Hours Order Anytime!
Pickup Options No Pickup
Delivery Options Free Delivery
Contact-Free Yes
Their Website Website Link
Their Social Social Link

Free delivery to SF and Marin counties.

As we all enter this new normal with the ‘shelter-in-place’ order, we are choosing to adapt. While our doors are closed at both locations, we will offer free delivery in an effort to continue to serve our community and hopefully provide a little bit of respite to these uncertain times.

We will follow the guidelines on social distancing operating everything with no physical interaction at all.

How to order from West Coast Wine & Cheese.

Email your order to [email protected] or by text to (415) 577-9357

Orders placed before 10AM will process and deliver on the same day, Monday-Friday.

Weekend orders will be dependent on availability but all efforts will be made to accommodate.

No Delivery Minimum.

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Our Current Wines

On the Bottle List, you will see 2 prices that pertain to delivery:

  • “To-Go” = The bottle price for 1-3 bottles Mix/Match (which is 1/3 off the Restaurant or ‘Here’ price)
  • “4+” = The bottle price for 4 or more bottles Mix/Match (also our Wine Club Members price)

🍷 View Bottle List 🍷
Our Current Cheeses

We have selected a few that are easy for delivery:

  • Mt. Tam (0.5# wheel) – Half-wheel $9, Full-wheel – $17
  • Truffle Tremor (1# wheel) – Half-Wheel $18, Full-Wheel – $35
  • Bay Blue (6oz. wedge) – $12
  • Goat Gouda (0.8# wedge) – $24
  • Paso Vino (0.6# wedge) – $20
  • Carmody (0.5# wedge) – $14

🧀 View Food Menu 🧀

Order confirmation and payment

We will confirm the order total with tax (delivery is complimentary), and we will send a payment request through Venmo, Pay Pal or CashApp, or we can take your Credit Card info over the phone. We will then schedule delivery where we will pull up in front of your address with your pre-paid order in our trunk and text you of our arrival. You will come down and take your order out of our trunk, and we’ll say a big thank you through the window! No physical contact involved.

And feel free to make inquiries and ask for recommendations on the wines. After all, that’s what we do best!

Thanks so much for the support, and stay safe out there!

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Starting this Friday, we have a Virtual Tasting every Friday at 5:30pm for ‘The Five Fridays of May!’ We celebrate Oregon Wine Month every year in May, so each Friday Tasting will feature one of our favorite Oregon producers! For more info check out:


Awesome selection of wine and cheese, I’ve never ordered from them, only been into the brick and mortar in Mill Valley


We are just doing Free Delivery. No Pick-Up option. Thanks!


Love West Coast! Amazing selection of wine and cheese and the people who run it are as wonderful as the wine! They are also excellent at making recommendations based on what you like – we found new wines we absolutely love that we wouldn’t have known to try otherwise!


West Coast is amazing! Love all their wines and cheeses. Ask for recommendations if you don’t know what you want. You won’t be disappointed!


We ordered bottles recently from Chris at West Coast who gave us wonderful recommendations to fit our tastes. Great wine, great prices, great service!!


Appreciated their efficient and safe delivery during these social distancing times. Will be putting in another order soon.


Was excited to come across this here–one of our favorites!


This looks like a great way to have a virtual happy hour or send a present. Thanks for the idea!


I’ll have to give them a try!